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  • Whale Aqua source clear water filter

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    Whale AquaSource Clear 12mm filters (part no: WF1230) are commonly used in the caravan and motor-home market, intended to remove tastes/odours from the water supply prior to consumption.

    Carbon based filters are not intended to make the water micro-biologically safe to drink, but wherever water is stored you can often get a musty or plastic-type taste, and this will generally resolve the issue.

    The Pozzani GS10J-12 is a 12mm version of one of our most popular cartridges, and will replace the AquaSource Clear WF1230 on a like for like basis.

    It should fit the same mounting clip, and may be fitted horizontally or vertically, as per your existing installation.

    We also offer a 15mm version of this cartridge for caravans and motor-homes using regular sized pipework/connectors.


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