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  • 2022 Eriba Familia Touring GT 320

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    Familia 320 GT
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The Eriba Touring 320 has been specified with the GT Package to include:

Side walls, front and rear in smooth alloy skin, colour Crystal Silver

Capstone-impact protection plate

Mosquito net door

Waste bin integrated in habitation door

External storage flap 

Sink cover with cutting board

Utensils pockets

Rear reading lamps

Alloy wheels

Upgraded weight to 1050KGS

Autonomy package which includes 95AH battery, charger with integrated booster and battery gauge

Shower equipment with shower head and curtain

Fabric Combination London with Trentino Pear furniture finish

Awning sizing 6.35m


Its compact external dimensions and low overall weight make the ERIBA Touring your perfect travel companion. Total comfort is guaranteed – whether you are parked up in a lonely mountain meadow on the outskirts of a bustling city. Although much has changed on the inside since 1957, the Touring has always remained true to its original design with its aerodynamic front and unique body shape. The streamlined aluminium skin has its origins in the aviation industry and was perfected by an aeronautical engineer over 60 years ago. This is most noticeable thanks to the Touring’s pleasant roadholding characteristics, which ensure that you will almost glide to your next destination.

ERIBA caravans are a model of efficiency due to the aerodynamically shaped front with its rounded edges. Their unique body shapes also imbue them with a timeless elegance. Which means you benefit from the reduced air resistance several times over, thanks to low fuel consumption, significantly increased driving safety and optimum roadholding characteristics. Every journey you take with your expert companion will be a paradigm of safety, economy and elegance.

Compact yet spacious – the work surface can be extended significantly by means of an additional fold-up board, the glass lid on the cooker and an optional sink cover that also serves as a chopping board. So you can easily create enough space for all your culinary adventures. Dishes, pots and groceries can be safely stored in the cupboard below the kitchen unit. And your ingredients will stay nice and fresh inside the practical, integrated refrigerator. Time to start preparing a delicious holiday menu!

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