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Q: How do I know what appliances I can use on a mains hook-up?

Q: Do I need to use towing mirrors?

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1: Starting out

Q: I am considering buying a caravan, but have never towed before. What is your advice to beginners?

Q: What is the recommended as a safe outfit weight ratio for towing a caravan?

Q: What is noseweight, and how important is it?

Q: How often should the tyres on my caravan be changed?

Q: Buying the right towbar seems to be a minefield. Can you advise, please?

Q: Do I need a stabiliser?

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of towing with a vehicle with automatic transmission?

Q: What is the difference between Butane and Propane?

Q: What precautions should I take against the risk of fire?

Q: What advantages does a leisure battery have over a car battery for use in a caravan?

Q: How can I run my refrigerator on ferry journeys?

Q: Do you recommend the use of covers to protect the caravan from the weather during the winter?

Q: Where is the safest place to store my caravan and what security devices are available to protect it from theft?

Q: Will my television function abroad?

Q: What is the best type of aerial for my caravan?

Q: Do I need a warning device in the car indicating that the direction indicator system is functioning correctly when towing a caravan?

Q: What advice do you give for tyre care during the winter months when the caravan is not in use?

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Overrun Assemblies

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6: Stabilisers


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15: Television aerials

16: Vehicle wiring - direction indicator system

17: Appliance power consumption

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Nordland Season Awning

18: Towing mirrors

Nordland Premium Light Awning

Public Votes Whale underfloor heating "Caravan Innovation of the Year"

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