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Camping Equipment & Caravans Accessories Ireland

At Downshire Camping and Caravans, we are proud to the most extensive range of caravan accessories Ireland from the top names in the business.  We supply awnings from the likes of Isabella, Bradcot, Awaydaze, Fiamma, SunnCamp, Vango and Outdoor Revolution. 

We can supply awnings to fit almost any size of caravan or motorhome, from small porch awnings, to full residential awnings and even roll out sun canopies a.nd the ever popular Air Awnings.


Feel free to contact any of our sales team to find out any further information on any of our products.  A guideline of how to measure your caravan or motorhome for an awning is included below.

To measure your caravan  for a porch awning or sun canopy

Measure the horizontal part of the rail along the top of the van, the longest straight run (i.e. before the rail starts to bend at either end) is the maximum length that will fit your van.

To measure your caravan for a full awning

Measure the "ground to ground" distance by following the awining channel the whole way over the gable wall of the van, from one side the other. This is the number (in cm) will be the size of awning you require.


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